Yin Yang Snow Man

2 02 2008

When I woke up today, the first thing I did was hop out of bed and open the blinds to see if it had snowed again last night. To my delight, a shallow but solid layer of snow had fallen in the night. This put me in the mood to find a t-shirt design with a winter theme. Fortunately, The Aum Shop is ready to deliver. They’ve got a really cool triple Yin Yang symbol stacked up to form a snowman, along with two sticks for arms. This design is made with a nice, bright blue color.

Yin Yang Snow Man

Buddha Yin Yang Symbol

27 12 2007

Looking for Buddhist gifts or yin yang gift ideas? Yin Yang symbols represent opposing forces that are both interdependent and interconnected in the world. I couldn’t decide between two different yin yang t shirt designs from the same shop, so I’m putting them both up!

This first abstract art shirt features a large bronze yin yang symbol with chaotic swirls and splatters around the egdes. The second is simliar, featuring a golden Buddhist Tibetan mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ inside a messy painted circle. Both are gorgeous!

Click on an image for more details and to buy.

Bronze Yin Yang shirt
Bronze Yin Yang by BuddhaGifts

Tibetan Mantra Yin Yang shirt
Tibetan Mantra Yin Yang by BuddhaGifts