Come To The Darkside, We Have Cookies

28 08 2009

With Halloween candy starting to fill the seasonal aisles at my local grocery store, I can’t help but start thinking of Halloween. This (along with the new Final Destination movie previews) gets me thinking about the Grim Reaper, which is ofcourse, Death. The thought of death leads me to the Death Star, which leads me to Star Wars, which inevitably leads me to the Dark Side.

Ok maybe that was a stretch, but I needed a good lead-in to start talking about these Come To The Darkside, We Have Cookies t-shirts. And really, these shirts would make funny Halloween party costumes. You know, if you’re too lazy to buy an actual Halloween costume.

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Come to the Dark Side t-shirt shirt
Come to the Dark Side t-shirt by tshirtfun

Dark Side! shirt
Dark Side! by nikkiastic

Funny Darkside Cookies Gifts shirt
Funny Darkside Cookies Gifts by thepixelgarden