Recycle Leaf T-Shirt

4 02 2008

In honor of the eight degree weather that I and the rest of Boise, Idaho experienced this morning, I decided that the next piece of apparel that I found on the internet would be a hooded sweatshirt. Fortunately, Ina Mar Art & Design had just what I was looking for. This shop provided a wonderful environmental design with artistic appeal. It has the word Recycle on it, with a centered green leaf attached to a spiraling vine.

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Recycle T-Shirt shirt
Recycle T-Shirt by inamar

New Zen T-Shirt Designs

7 01 2008

I’ve recently become interested in Zen philosophy. It’s such a positive spiritual belief system that I find very inspiring. The details of Zen Buddhism are still quite new to me. Ofcourse, I’ve seen Yin Yang symbols all of my life, but have never delved too deeply into their meaning before. So I bought a book that is filled with Zen proverbs and parables, and have been exhausting poor Google with my inquiries on the subject.

All of this research has led me to create some of my own t-shirt designs. One pattern in particular is a simple concept, having the word “Breathe” with the zen circle behind it. It comes in three different colors.

breathe, blue 1 Breathe, blue 2

Breathe, green 1 Breathe, green 2

Breathe, red 1 Breathe, red 2