Watercolor Lotus

31 01 2008

In this gorgeous lotus blossom t shirt, the flower looks like it has been painted with watercolor. The colors ebb from vivid to faint, yet each leaf is distinguished. It’s a simple, but elegant lotus flower shirt.

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Lotus Blossom shirt
Lotus Blossom by trennea

Live, Laugh, Love

6 01 2008

This gorgeous pink design features three boxes with jagged edges. Each of the boxes hold one of these words; Live, Laugh, Love. It’s cute and serves well as an inspirational pattern that promotes positive thinking. A pink flower completes this t-shirt.

Live Laugh Love 1 Live Laugh Love 2

Fire Rose

1 01 2008

Happy New Year’s everyone! I hope that you all find many more cool t-shirts to wear in 2008!

This next design stands out because of its vivid blood red pattern. It’s called Fire Rose, and it takes the visual theme of the romantic flower and twists it into an abstract design with multiple layers.

Fire Rose 1 Fire Rose 2

Red orchid

15 10 2007

Well, after a brief haitus (or however you spell it, lol), I’m back with another gorgeously groovy site for beautiful eyes such as yours.

It’s called “Red Orchid”, although it’s pretty greyscale. So I’m sure the name refers to the actual flower, rather than the color of the picture. It does some nice things with shading, and looks very nice on a t-shirt.

Red Orchid T-Shirt