Fresh Tag In Blue

17 01 2008

I’m not sure what made me do it…perhaps it was the recent obsession with Samurai Champloo…but I decided to explore some graffiti art designs. I came across this really cool pattern made by a guy who calls himself Crayone. I must have picked someone good, because his shop says that he is a world famous graffiti artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. His specialty is hip-hop style tags.Fresh Tag In Blue

Green Eye Art

16 01 2008

Some might think this abstract art piece to be absolutely gorgeous, while others may find it to be just a bit creepy. You’ll know within 0.1 seconds of seeing this next design which category you fit in. It’s what looks to be an airbrushed painting of a green eye, and it looks very life-like. It’s from a basic Cafepress shop so I’ve included an enlarged thumbnail of the design on a long-sleeve shirt. I would like to see this idea expanded into a premium shop with several other eye colors to choose from.

Green Eye