Funny Cat And Lolcat T Shirts

18 08 2009

Like most of humanity, my heart melts at the sight of a cute cat picture. Therefore, like many other bored and easily-amused web surfers, I am eternally entertained with lolcats. Babies are cute, cats are cute… combining the two is just pure genius!

So it’s only natural that I should come up with a few funny cat t shirt designs. If you’re looking for lulz from internet humor shirts then have a look at these!

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Funny Monday Cat Gift shirt
Funny Monday Cat Gift by thepixelgarden

Funny Lolcats Gift shirt
Funny Lolcats Gift by thepixelgarden

Funny Lolcats Gift shirt
Funny Lolcats Gift by thepixelgarden

Cute Lolcats Humor shirt
Cute Lolcats Humor by thepixelgarden

Funny Lolcats Caption shirt
Funny Lolcats Caption by thepixelgarden

O Hai Lolcats Humor shirt
O Hai Lolcats Humor by thepixelgarden


Matsuri Dango

10 01 2008

It’s called Sushi Shirts, and it may very well be the cutest japanese-themed shop you will ever come across. Although they have plent of adorable designs that would give Hello Kitty a run for her money, the design I picked to share is called “Matsuri Dango”. Personally, I love dango, so I admit I’m a little biased. This fun t-shirt is full of bright colors, showing the traditional three dangos on a stick surrounded by flowers and japanese lettering.

Matsuri Dango 1 Matsuri Dango 2

Dolphin Hibiscus Blue

29 12 2007

This artistic t-shirt design comes to us from a shop called Designs By Kat, which has a very specific theme of marine life. You can find dolphins, whales and even sea turtles. However, my favorite one shows a cute smiling dolphin with a hibiscus flower. There are six different colors to choose from, but I find the blue one to be my favorite.

Dolphin Hibiscus Blue 1

Dolphin Hibiscus Blue 2

Fall Leaves Dog

30 09 2007

Autumn is finally here. The leaves are turning color, the air is getting crisper & chillier, and Starbuck’s has their seasonal Autumn flavored coffees. I’m going to have lots of fun searching for Fall designs, seeing as how it’s my favorite season. After typing in “Autumn leaves” in the Cafepress search engine, one of the first designs I came across was this adorable picture of a cute little dog rejoicing in a pile of leaves. It looks really good on apparel, too.

Fall Leaves Dog  Fall Leaves Dog