Green Eye Art

16 01 2008

Some might think this abstract art piece to be absolutely gorgeous, while others may find it to be just a bit creepy. You’ll know within 0.1 seconds of seeing this next design which category you fit in. It’s what looks to be an airbrushed painting of a green eye, and it looks very life-like. It’s from a basic Cafepress shop so I’ve included an enlarged thumbnail of the design on a long-sleeve shirt. I would like to see this idea expanded into a premium shop with several other eye colors to choose from.

Green Eye

Decorative Floral Art

15 01 2008

This ornate floral vector art makes for a really groovy t-shirt design. I just love these abstract pieces! This one has a variety of different flower shapes amidst swirling stems.

Decorative Floral Art 1 Decorative Floral Art 2

Golden Mean Spiral Nautilus

14 01 2008

I was in the mood for symmetry today, so I decided to search for a nice spiral design. I am please to announce that I found something even better. Here’s a really cool t-shirt design that shows a blue nautilus with an underlying five-pointed star. The text around it says “All geometries are sacred, born from the One centre. All life is forever and all beings are stars”. Oh, and it’s called Golden Mean Spiral Nautilus. Hey, I don’t name them man, I just blog them.

Nautilus 1 Nautilus 2

Purple Dragon

12 01 2008

The White Fox And Friends shop has this really cool purple dragon with blue wings. The wings are well illustrated with a feathery texture. It’s from a Basic Cafepress shop, so there’s no thumbnail. Instead, here’s a detailed view of the colorful design.

Blue Dragon

Grunge Abstract Design

11 01 2008

Everyday T-Shirts has a bunch of weird and borderline creepy colorful abstract art on plenty of t-shirts. This one in particular is simply called “Grunge”, and it features a bunch of brown and orange swirls surrounding a central core.

Grunge 1 Grunge 2

Matsuri Dango

10 01 2008

It’s called Sushi Shirts, and it may very well be the cutest japanese-themed shop you will ever come across. Although they have plent of adorable designs that would give Hello Kitty a run for her money, the design I picked to share is called “Matsuri Dango”. Personally, I love dango, so I admit I’m a little biased. This fun t-shirt is full of bright colors, showing the traditional three dangos on a stick surrounded by flowers and japanese lettering.

Matsuri Dango 1 Matsuri Dango 2

New Zen T-Shirt Designs

7 01 2008

I’ve recently become interested in Zen philosophy. It’s such a positive spiritual belief system that I find very inspiring. The details of Zen Buddhism are still quite new to me. Ofcourse, I’ve seen Yin Yang symbols all of my life, but have never delved too deeply into their meaning before. So I bought a book that is filled with Zen proverbs and parables, and have been exhausting poor Google with my inquiries on the subject.

All of this research has led me to create some of my own t-shirt designs. One pattern in particular is a simple concept, having the word “Breathe” with the zen circle behind it. It comes in three different colors.

breathe, blue 1 Breathe, blue 2

Breathe, green 1 Breathe, green 2

Breathe, red 1 Breathe, red 2