Abstract Dragon T-Shirt

5 02 2008

Moya Apparel brings us another cool t-shirt, so I bring said t-shirt to you. Isn’t that sweet of me? Here we have a freakin’ sweet dragon design. It’s a red dragon head with a nice gradient effect. It has a very authentic Chinese look to it. If you like Eastern-inspired art, you’ll love this dragon tee shirt.

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Abstract Dragon shirt
Abstract Dragon by moya_apparel


Green Eye Art

16 01 2008

Some might think this abstract art piece to be absolutely gorgeous, while others may find it to be just a bit creepy. You’ll know within 0.1 seconds of seeing this next design which category you fit in. It’s what looks to be an airbrushed painting of a green eye, and it looks very life-like. It’s from a basic Cafepress shop so I’ve included an enlarged thumbnail of the design on a long-sleeve shirt. I would like to see this idea expanded into a premium shop with several other eye colors to choose from.

Green Eye

Decorative Floral Art

15 01 2008

This ornate floral vector art makes for a really groovy t-shirt design. I just love these abstract pieces! This one has a variety of different flower shapes amidst swirling stems.

Decorative Floral Art 1 Decorative Floral Art 2

Grunge Abstract Design

11 01 2008

Everyday T-Shirts has a bunch of weird and borderline creepy colorful abstract art on plenty of t-shirts. This one in particular is simply called “Grunge”, and it features a bunch of brown and orange swirls surrounding a central core.

Grunge 1 Grunge 2

Fire Rose

1 01 2008

Happy New Year’s everyone! I hope that you all find many more cool t-shirts to wear in 2008!

This next design stands out because of its vivid blood red pattern. It’s called Fire Rose, and it takes the visual theme of the romantic flower and twists it into an abstract design with multiple layers.

Fire Rose 1 Fire Rose 2

Buddha Yin Yang Symbol

27 12 2007

Looking for Buddhist gifts or yin yang gift ideas? Yin Yang symbols represent opposing forces that are both interdependent and interconnected in the world. I couldn’t decide between two different yin yang t shirt designs from the same shop, so I’m putting them both up!

This first abstract art shirt features a large bronze yin yang symbol with chaotic swirls and splatters around the egdes. The second is simliar, featuring a golden Buddhist Tibetan mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ inside a messy painted circle. Both are gorgeous!

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Bronze Yin Yang shirt
Bronze Yin Yang by BuddhaGifts

Tibetan Mantra Yin Yang shirt
Tibetan Mantra Yin Yang by BuddhaGifts

RetroFit Clothing

23 08 2007

Today’s groovy design comes to us from a shop called Creative Taylor. I’m not entirely positive, but I think that you are required to where bell bottoms while perusing the aisles in this shop – it’s got an infectious 70’s vibe, with plenty of browns, tans and sky blues to go ’round.

While there are  quite a few designs to choose from here, my favorite one is called “RetroFit”. It’s got a white dove with plenty of shades of brown in the overall color scheme. Check it out!

RetroFit Tee shirt
RetroFit Tee by creativetaylor