Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts

16 10 2011

Looking for cool apparel made by independent artists who wish to show their support for the Occupy Wall Street protests? Zazzle carries a variety of WE ARE THE 99% t-shirts, available in many sizes and styles. Use a shirt to express yourself and fight for your cause. Occupy America. Occupy the world. You are the 99%.


We Are The 99% shirt
We Are The 99% shirt
We Are The 99% by briman232
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Funny Cat And Lolcat T Shirts

18 08 2009

Like most of humanity, my heart melts at the sight of a cute cat picture. Therefore, like many other bored and easily-amused web surfers, I am eternally entertained with lolcats. Babies are cute, cats are cute… combining the two is just pure genius!

So it’s only natural that I should come up with a few funny cat t shirt designs. If you’re looking for lulz from internet humor shirts then have a look at these!

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Funny Monday Cat Gift shirt
Funny Monday Cat Gift by thepixelgarden

Funny Lolcats Gift shirt
Funny Lolcats Gift by thepixelgarden

Funny Lolcats Gift shirt
Funny Lolcats Gift by thepixelgarden

Cute Lolcats Humor shirt
Cute Lolcats Humor by thepixelgarden

Funny Lolcats Caption shirt
Funny Lolcats Caption by thepixelgarden

O Hai Lolcats Humor shirt
O Hai Lolcats Humor by thepixelgarden


17 08 2009

Hello boys and girls – I’m back! I know it’s been awhile (like over a year), but I recently re-discovered this little blog while trying to take a crash-course in self-taught affiliation. I’m not going to lie – there were some hard times involved, some manly tears, and for some reason a pink turtle stuffed with catnip (I’d explain, but it’s pretty complicated).

Anyway, I’d like to announce that, in a drastic but sensible move, this blog will only be reporting t-shirts that come from Zazzle. It’s a POD (Print On Demand) store that features many colors and styles of high-quality apparel, all of which is customizeable if the shopkeeper so chooses it to be.

Simply-put, after Cafepress’s decision to screw its shopkeepers and customers, I can no longer support them.

So look forward to new and improved blog entires, bringing you the best cool and funny t shirts that the best POD has to offer!

Quick update

8 02 2008

I just wanted to let the readers of this blog know that there’s been a death in my family. Therefore, it might be a little while before I start posting again.

Abstract Dragon T-Shirt

5 02 2008

Moya Apparel brings us another cool t-shirt, so I bring said t-shirt to you. Isn’t that sweet of me? Here we have a freakin’ sweet dragon design. It’s a red dragon head with a nice gradient effect. It has a very authentic Chinese look to it. If you like Eastern-inspired art, you’ll love this dragon tee shirt.

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Abstract Dragon shirt
Abstract Dragon by moya_apparel

Recycle Leaf T-Shirt

4 02 2008

In honor of the eight degree weather that I and the rest of Boise, Idaho experienced this morning, I decided that the next piece of apparel that I found on the internet would be a hooded sweatshirt. Fortunately, Ina Mar Art & Design had just what I was looking for. This shop provided a wonderful environmental design with artistic appeal. It has the word Recycle on it, with a centered green leaf attached to a spiraling vine.

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Recycle T-Shirt shirt
Recycle T-Shirt by inamar

Mu-Tant Cow Pi T-Shirt

4 02 2008

Say hello to the infamous Mu-Tant Cow Pi! He’s shaped like the mathematical pi symbol, with black and white spots and a large cow head that speaks the mu symbol. Thanks to Jane Jett’s Online Store, your day just got a whole lot more surreal.

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mu-tant cow pi shirt
mu-tant cow pi by janemariejett