Recycle Leaf T-Shirt

4 02 2008

In honor of the eight degree weather that I and the rest of Boise, Idaho experienced this morning, I decided that the next piece of apparel that I found on the internet would be a hooded sweatshirt. Fortunately, Ina Mar Art & Design had just what I was looking for. This shop provided a wonderful environmental design with artistic appeal. It has the word Recycle on it, with a centered green leaf attached to a spiraling vine.

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Recycle T-Shirt shirt
Recycle T-Shirt by inamar

T-Shirt Designs: Parallel Axis

14 08 2007

After giving it some thought, I think I’m going to change the format of my entries a little. Instead of reviewing an entire store overall and then showing a few of my favorite tees, I’m just going to focus on sharing my favorite designs.

So let’s put this theory into action and see how it goes, shall we?

These next designs come from a really groovy Cafepress shop named Parallel Axis. This place has a few pro-active sections, such as Vegan and Anti-War. However, my favorite designs can be found in the “Nature & Environment” section.

First up, we have a rather nifty pattern that is called “Tree Hugger”. Though it’s only one color, the green theme works rather well here.


My other favorite design is a Holiday/Recycle combo, and its pretty charming. Normally the messy borders on the arrows would detract from the picture, but I think it makes this particular design more interesting.