Mu-Tant Cow Pi T-Shirt

4 02 2008

Say hello to the infamous Mu-Tant Cow Pi! He’s shaped like the mathematical pi symbol, with black and white spots and a large cow head that speaks the mu symbol. Thanks to Jane Jett’s Online Store, your day just got a whole lot more surreal.

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mu-tant cow pi shirt
mu-tant cow pi by janemariejett

Yin Yang Snow Man

2 02 2008

When I woke up today, the first thing I did was hop out of bed and open the blinds to see if it had snowed again last night. To my delight, a shallow but solid layer of snow had fallen in the night. This put me in the mood to find a t-shirt design with a winter theme. Fortunately, The Aum Shop is ready to deliver. They’ve got a really cool triple Yin Yang symbol stacked up to form a snowman, along with two sticks for arms. This design is made with a nice, bright blue color.

Yin Yang Snow Man

Watercolor Lotus

31 01 2008

In this gorgeous lotus blossom t shirt, the flower looks like it has been painted with watercolor. The colors ebb from vivid to faint, yet each leaf is distinguished. It’s a simple, but elegant lotus flower shirt.

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Lotus Blossom shirt
Lotus Blossom by trennea

Stargaze With Wonder

30 01 2008

This watercolor style design is from a shop that just opened up called Susan Faye Originals. She has many colorful images that are perfect for nature lover and cat lovers. Though there are many designs to choose from, this one is my favorite. It’s a abstract picture of beautiful scenery at night, with mountains, trees and stars reflecting off of a river. Normally I’m not a fan of the square shape on t-shirts, but the text both above and below the design that says ‘Stargaze With Wonder’ makes this one work well.

stargaze with wonder

Decorative Floral Art

15 01 2008

This ornate floral vector art makes for a really groovy t-shirt design. I just love these abstract pieces! This one has a variety of different flower shapes amidst swirling stems.

Decorative Floral Art 1 Decorative Floral Art 2

Golden Mean Spiral Nautilus

14 01 2008

I was in the mood for symmetry today, so I decided to search for a nice spiral design. I am please to announce that I found something even better. Here’s a really cool t-shirt design that shows a blue nautilus with an underlying five-pointed star. The text around it says “All geometries are sacred, born from the One centre. All life is forever and all beings are stars”. Oh, and it’s called Golden Mean Spiral Nautilus. Hey, I don’t name them man, I just blog them.

Nautilus 1 Nautilus 2

Unique Sea Turtle Art

9 01 2008

If you are looking for some beautiful aquatic animal art t shirts, check these out! Each of these sea turtle designs are unique and perfect for the sea life lover in you!

The first sea turtle art shirt features a blue and yellow hibiscus in the sea turtle silhouette. The second one is made from a very colorful stained glass art. There is also a rainbow-colored tribal art design and a couple of clip-art sea turtles. So there are plenty of types tto choose from!

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Blue Hibiscus Turtle shirt
Blue Hibiscus Turtle by risegear

Sea Turtle shirt
Sea Turtle by annettetruong

Rainbow Sea Turtle Tattoo Shirt shirt
Rainbow Sea Turtle Tattoo Shirt by StargazerDesigns

SEA TURTLE by spicecompany

Kawaii Sea Turtle Ladies Ringer T-Shirt shirt
Kawaii Sea Turtle Ladies Ringer T-Shirt by MenagerieMayhem