17 08 2009

Hello boys and girls – I’m back! I know it’s been awhile (like over a year), but I recently re-discovered this little blog while trying to take a crash-course in self-taught affiliation. I’m not going to lie – there were some hard times involved, some manly tears, and for some reason a pink turtle stuffed with catnip (I’d explain, but it’s pretty complicated).

Anyway, I’d like to announce that, in a drastic but sensible move, this blog will only be reporting t-shirts that come from Zazzle. It’s a POD (Print On Demand) store that features many colors and styles of high-quality apparel, all of which is customizeable if the shopkeeper so chooses it to be.

Simply-put, after Cafepress’s decision to screw its shopkeepers and customers, I can no longer support them.

So look forward to new and improved blog entires, bringing you the best cool and funny t shirts that the best POD has to offer!



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