Dolphin Hibiscus Blue

29 12 2007

This artistic t-shirt design comes to us from a shop called Designs By Kat, which has a very specific theme of marine life. You can find dolphins, whales and even sea turtles. However, my favorite one shows a cute smiling dolphin with a hibiscus flower. There are six different colors to choose from, but I find the blue one to be my favorite.

Dolphin Hibiscus Blue 1

Dolphin Hibiscus Blue 2

Buddha Yin Yang Symbol

27 12 2007

Looking for Buddhist gifts or yin yang gift ideas? Yin Yang symbols represent opposing forces that are both interdependent and interconnected in the world. I couldn’t decide between two different yin yang t shirt designs from the same shop, so I’m putting them both up!

This first abstract art shirt features a large bronze yin yang symbol with chaotic swirls and splatters around the egdes. The second is simliar, featuring a golden Buddhist Tibetan mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ inside a messy painted circle. Both are gorgeous!

Click on an image for more details and to buy.

Bronze Yin Yang shirt
Bronze Yin Yang by BuddhaGifts

Tibetan Mantra Yin Yang shirt
Tibetan Mantra Yin Yang by BuddhaGifts

Happy Holidays!

25 12 2007

It’s the wee hours of Christmas morning, and not a creature is stirring…except for this insomniac who can’t stay off his laptop. That would be me.

So I wanted to find a really nice sweater that said “Happy Holidays” on it, so I searched high and ow and eventually found this one with some really creative Christmas trees. This is my gift to you. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! ^__^

Happy Holidays 1 Happy Holidays 2

Let it snow

23 12 2007

Hey there! Guess what? I’m back! I know its been awhile, but, you know…life and all. But anyway, enough of my vague excuses. I’m ready to start this thing back up again, so here we go. Gosh, I sure do love cool t-shirts! Don’t you?

“Let it snow”

I’m born and raised in Calfiornia, so the weather out here in Idaho is still novel to me. I’m thoroughly enjoying the winter weather here – a generous helping of both rain and snow – a appreciate a good design that reflects that.

So I went looking for a winter t-shirt design and came across one called “Let It Snow” that featured snowflakes. Not just a few of them thrown together either, but a wide variety of shapes and sizes; it looks really good. This design is also very appealing on a dark t-shirt.

Let it snow 1 Let it snow 2