Red orchid

15 10 2007

Well, after a brief haitus (or however you spell it, lol), I’m back with another gorgeously groovy site for beautiful eyes such as yours.

It’s called “Red Orchid”, although it’s pretty greyscale. So I’m sure the name refers to the actual flower, rather than the color of the picture. It does some nice things with shading, and looks very nice on a t-shirt.

Red Orchid T-Shirt

Abstract tree thingies

2 10 2007

I felt like heading over to the abstract section of the shop today, and was happy to find these cool-looking designs. They are part of something called the Book Of Connections. One is black and the other is blue, and they both have an otherworldy, gothic appeal to them. They kind of resemble trees, but then again the style is so abstract that you could probably see many things in them.