Fall Leaves Dog

30 09 2007

Autumn is finally here. The leaves are turning color, the air is getting crisper & chillier, and Starbuck’s has their seasonal Autumn flavored coffees. I’m going to have lots of fun searching for Fall designs, seeing as how it’s my favorite season. After typing in “Autumn leaves” in the Cafepress search engine, one of the first designs I came across was this adorable picture of a cute little dog rejoicing in a pile of leaves. It looks really good on apparel, too.

Fall Leaves Dog  Fall Leaves Dog


28 09 2007

Next up on our perpetual tour of perfectly presentable pictures on p-shirts – I mean t-shirts – is an elegant and positive design, called simply “Inspire”. Unlike most t-shirt patterns, this one is like a horizontal, diagonal¬†stroke across the shirt. The effect is eye-catching, yet the light pastel blue and yellow is rather calming.

Inspire t-shirt

Dreamy abstract design

27 09 2007

I was browsing the Cafepress forums, looking at the section for new designs, when I came across this little gem. It’s very pretty, and very busy! Your eyes can’t tear away from it because you keep seeing new details. A star, a butterfly, a cassette tape,…and it has a beautiful pink theme to it.

Birds in love

23 09 2007

Maybe I ought to wait until spring to spotlight this next design, but I just couldn’t wait. It’s a simple concept, yet quite pleasing to the eyes. Basically, you take a silhouette of a small bird, and multiply it. You make them appear in different, yet complimentary shades. This particular design comes in three variations: green, blue and one with blue and purple.

Birds in love, green Birds in love, blue Birds in love, purple & blue

Click on the links to check them out in both light and dark colored shirts. I must admit that these designs look pretty cool on black t-shirts.

Groovy Owls

21 09 2007

I found another sight that has a very distinctive “70’s” vibe, with the brown & green shades and such. Well, this site featured an animal section which had the grooviest little owl designs. There are three total, the “Nite Owl”, “Snowy Owl”, and “Owl Always Loves You”. Can you bat your eyelashes and say “AWWW! How adorable!” ^__^

Nite Owl Snowy Owl Owl Always Love You

All Seeing Eye

20 09 2007

Today I think we’ll go with a little surrealism. Nothing like genuine weirdness to escep from reality for a moment, yes? I found this really cool eye-looking thingie in the Cafepress Marketplace today. It’s basically a drawing of an eye with stringy abstractness all around it. What makes it stand out is the touch of blue in an otherwise black and white drawing.

 All Seeing Eye

Bleeding Heart

18 09 2007

Art is said to imitate life. Sometimes, however, the most interesting artwork resembles nothing at all.

This next piece is called “bleeding Heart”, and with good reason. It is made of random shapes, colored with many shades of pink and purple. Check it out:

011_1 011_2