Blue dog at night

28 08 2007

I was browsing through Cafepress’s Marketplace, using the keyword “abstract”, when I stumbled across this little gem. The designer states that this cool painting was originally made using acrylic, yarn and crayons. How nifty is that? The blue dog is so weird looking, he’s almost cute. I like that this design is available both with and without the black background.



RetroFit Clothing

23 08 2007

Today’s groovy design comes to us from a shop called Creative Taylor. I’m not entirely positive, but I think that you are required to where bell bottoms while perusing the aisles in this shop – it’s got an infectious 70’s vibe, with plenty of browns, tans and sky blues to go ’round.

While there areĀ  quite a few designs to choose from here, my favorite one is called “RetroFit”. It’s got a white dove with plenty of shades of brown in the overall color scheme. Check it out!

RetroFit Tee shirt
RetroFit Tee by creativetaylor

GGee Design

20 08 2007

Today’s groovy t-shirt designs come from a shop named GGee Designs. I have no idea what that means, but nevermind that now. There are two patterns that really catch my attention, both of which are fairly simple. It’s amazing to me that an artistic vision that’s built on simplicity can be as pleasing to my eyes as something that thrives on detail.


Its vibrant color scheme doesn’t hesitate to grab one’s attention. This sets up the straightfoward message, “Imagine”. The other design is very similar, and just as effective:


Nature Quote

16 08 2007

Since Fall just can’t get here quick enough for me, I was looking for autumn trees in the Cafepress Market Place. This particular design caught my attention because of how it puts a positive spin on a my favorite season. Usually people associate Autumn with a time for things to die, but this quote says:

“Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf’s a flower.”

And I thought to myself, “How true!” So I just had to share this design!


T-Shirt Designs: Parallel Axis

14 08 2007

After giving it some thought, I think I’m going to change the format of my entries a little. Instead of reviewing an entire store overall and then showing a few of my favorite tees, I’m just going to focus on sharing my favorite designs.

So let’s put this theory into action and see how it goes, shall we?

These next designs come from a really groovy Cafepress shop named Parallel Axis. This place has a few pro-active sections, such as Vegan and Anti-War. However, my favorite designs can be found in the “Nature & Environment” section.

First up, we have a rather nifty pattern that is called “Tree Hugger”. Though it’s only one color, the green theme works rather well here.


My other favorite design is a Holiday/Recycle combo, and its pretty charming. Normally the messy borders on the arrows would detract from the picture, but I think it makes this particular design more interesting.


OnFocus Media

8 08 2007

OnFocus Media – Illustrated Visualization Of Ideas


This site gets right to the point, choosing not to spend too much time with text and instead inviting me to dive head-first into the designs. The products on this site are split into categories, each represented by a thumbnail image. While most of the categories are typical for an artistic shop – “Animals”, “Sports”, “2007:, etc – the images are anything but.


Right away I realized just how unique of a vision the shopkeeper has with his designs. Each design is complex and mesmorizing with elaborate wisps surrounding the centerpieces. The color schemes are kept quite simple, rarely expanding beyond two or three colors. Sometimes that can cause one’s eye to pass over the design, but in this case it works wonderfully.


Amidst the tangled chaos of the patterns avaiable here, I find that there are some recognizable shapes, such as hearts, building and butterflies. To me, the familarity and the strangeness work together to create pieces that are truly memorable. I highly recommend this shop if you are looking for something entirely different.


Nuts About Tees

5 08 2007

Nuts About Tees – T-Shirts & Gifts For The Whole Family


Upon arriving at this shop, the first thing that catches my eye is how gorgeous the layout it. This is no Cafepress template; this shopkeeper obviously put a lot of work into the look of their store. I’m greeted with a cartoonish nature vibe that has lots of leaves, a birdhouse…even animated clouds drifting by.

And at the bottom of the page – gotta love it – a squirrel with his nuts. So cute!


While we aren’t treated to pictures of any designs on the front page, but there are many categories to choose from. Each one has its own claver title, such as “Pet Parade” and “School Daze”. Within these directories are plenty of subdirectories, so cheking this place out thoroughly will keep you busy for awhile.

What I like about the design themes is their all-inclusiveness. For example, this theme is available from pre-school to the 5th grade:


And with that, I leave you with a couple of my favorite designs:

001_4 001_5